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mr. real estate - George Paukert From George Paukert,
"Mr. Real Estate"
Tuesday, 11:38 AM

Hello Real Estate Investors,

I am about to show you that the "Million $$$ Secrets" Real Estate System is the real McCoy. All the proof is right here on this website.

Now, here's some shocking news ...

7,000,000 Landlords and Investors LOSE MONEY
On Their Rental Properties Every Year!

How DO you make money in real estate? You don't buy rental properties - unless you have a death wish like those investors who are losing money every year.

If you want to make money - and I mean BIG money - you have to do what the banks do. Copy the banks! How do banks make money?

By Holding Paper!

If you have rental properties and losing money each year, I can help you turn your bad investments into GOOD investments ... IF you listen to what I share with you!

Briefly about my background ... I bought my first investment property in 1989 and also became a licensed real estate agent. In no time my clients, associates, and friends began calling me "Mr. Real Estate!" Why?

I saved thousands of dollars for my clients and made many of them very rich. Once they learned what I was doing and how I make money in real estate, they wanted to learn all the secrets and techniques as well. That's when I started my seminars so my sellers and investors could learn how to sell their properties quickly and for more money than they could imagine.

My system involves holding paper on real estate. Listen, the banks don't "own" real estate ...

Banks hold paper (a note) on every property in their portfolio!

And YOU Copy the Bank!

What does "holding paper" mean? Very simply, it's holding a note secured by real estate. In that note the buyer promises to perform according to the note. To make it easier to understand, below is a scan of an actual note we held on a home we sold to a buyer ...

Click Here To Enlarge

This 8 1/2 x 11 Piece Of Paper Is YOUR
Residual Income - Monthly Cash Flow!

Each note (each property) makes money for you! How much? Each deal is different, but since
YOU STRUCTURE the deal, YOU CONTROL the cash flow.

On the average we would make $150 - $400 a month on each note.
So, 100 notes X $150/month gives you $15,000 residual monthly cash flow.
Or, 100 notes X $400/month gives you $40,000 a month.

This is the BEST residual income - EVER. And NO WORK!!!

George, we have bought and then sold 10 houses in about 2 1/2 months. We are also slapping notes on the properties to create a positive cash monthly income ... We haven't met you personally, but we feel as though we have. Thanks for putting up your website. Secretly we have made a lot of money."

Tim and Russ, Sacramento, CA

If you listened to the so-called Internet "gurus" who know nothing about real estate, and you are losing money, now is the time to change it! I'm here to help you. And to prove to you I am correct, you'll see a slew of testimonials from investors, buyers, sellers, and Realtors who made tons of money using my 100% idiot-proof system for making $1,000,000 or more in real estate in just one year or more.

Now Is the BEST Time To Make
Huge Money In Real Estate

So, if you are losing money in your current investment properties, I'll help you get out from under those losing situations - if it's at all possible. You see, my friend, they have been lying to you.

On this website you'll find all kinds of FREE REPORTS that will educate you and open your eyes to the methods and systems that will help you make money from your current real estate investments.

The $64 Million Questions ...
"Can I Really Make $1,000,000 or More?"
"Can I Really Buy 40 - 60 - even 100 Houses?"

These are two of the most often asked questions I get from my students. And the answer is very simple ...

It's all about setting goals, creating a plan of action, and making it happen! But the most important part is YOUR MINDSET! If you really believe it's possible, the answer to both questions is ...

YES, You Can!

Sound Too Good To Be True?

Well, I have impeccable references and testimonials. The most important thing is ... "I am here to help you!" The information I give away for free, trust me no other guru will give you. Besides, no other guru makes money in real estate because the money is in holding paper. The other gurus don't do that.

George, I just finished watching your "Million $$$ Secrets" DVD. I sometimes SCRATCH MY HEAD in amazement how you put all of this amazing information together and then practically GIVE IT AWAY FOR FREE!!!!! That's what I SIMPLY CANNOT UNDERSTAND!

I need to master your system, and I need to sell my rental alligators using your "Million $$$ Secrets" system.

Joe Magenst, REALTOR« and Investor
Aventura, FL

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have been investing in real estate since 1989 when I bought my first investment property. Some of the free reports describe that transaction in detail. I don't hide anything ... I am a straight shooter! And I don't keep secrets from anybody.

In 1989 I developed my "Million $$$ Secrets" Real Estate System and improved it, changed it, and tweaked it as times changed. I became the recognized leader in creative financing in America.

In order to get more information about properties for sale, I decided to get my real estate license. In 1992 my clients, associates, and friends started calling me "Mr. Real Estate." The reason is simple ...

This System Has Been Tested At Least 1,000 Times Over

I give my information away for FREE, yet the gurus convinced aspiring investors to use strategies that would cause them to lose money and go for broke.

Honestly, it beats me. I can tell you that today there is no other real estate system that can make you more money than my system of holding paper ... "Million $$$ Secrets" ... I'll explain the details as we go along.


Thanks to your books, I've now met an investor and we are on the road to buying and selling 12 properties this year with your program.

In just two weeks, I've already listed and sold one property so far with your program. Sold my own listing in less than an hour! Thanks to two of your books, the creative financing book and the Realtor book about how to sell a buyer a home in 3 hours or less. WOW - LOVE THEM!

Todd Clark, Broker
All Brokers Realty
Beaverton, OR

As I said before, there are about 7 million landlords and investors who are losing a substantial amount of money every year on their rental properties.

Most of the "flippers" in 2006 and 2007 got stuck with their properties. Mortgage lenders changed the rules and falling home prices made it difficult, if not impossible, to flip the properties. So, today, they are losing their shirts with rentals.

My friend, Steven, pays over $3,000 for mortgage, taxes, insurance, and HOA fees on one property, but only collects $1,600 a month in rent from his tenant. He has another condo, but he hasn't told me how much money he's losing there.

In fact, in 2006 he wanted to sell the first property so I structured the deal for him. He was afraid to do it. He was afraid to create a new mortgage and new payment and hold the paper. OK, so pay over $1,400 every month for the deficiencies. So now he has TWO properties that are losing money!

I have a slew of friends who lost money totalling in the millions of dollars. Here is a video clip of my friend, Joe, who is losing his shirt on his rental properties. Click below and watch it ...

To play the video click on the small black square in the control panel.

Some pictures to show we all really exist ...

Mrs. Real Estate, Joe Magenst, and me taping new additions to our "Million $$$ Secrets" DVD.

Joe Magenst - he really does exist!

And here's a picture of me at our weekend get-away beach condo. Just think ... you are a successful investor. You leave your home on Friday morning, spend your weekends at your "vacation" home, and come back on Monday morning. That's a pretty good weekend get-away every week. You see, holding paper is residual income. No work - no calls from tenants. The only calls you want are from sellers and buyers! That's my favorite part of the "Million $$$ Secrets" system.

Joe taped a one hour segment for our 2-hour DVD, "Million $$$ Secrets." You'll see a detailed explanation and examples of creative financing. And with your purchase of the DVD, you'll get FREE admission for two to our 3-day training seminar!

Mr. Real Estate's 3-day Boot Camp is being set up for 2009 at the Palm Beach Hilton Hotel (at the Airport) in West Palm Beach, Florida. We are just waiting for confirmation of the exact dates from the hotel before we can begin accepting reservations.

Collin Forde
Collin Forde
ERA Showcase
Brevard County, FL

"All the seminars I have been to have been nothing like this one. I don't have to attend any other seminars, only seminars put on by George. The other trainers - forget it ... I'm pumped up and ready to go ... I intend to be #1 ... George is 'Mr. Real Estate' - I'm going to be 'Mr. Brevard' ..."

To watch the rest of this testimonial, go to the video by CLICKING HERE

Howard DeRias
Howard DeRias
Sellstate Innovative Realty
Atlantic County, NJ

"... little did I know I was in for a real treat ... I want to be the #1 agent in Atlantic county [NJ] ... George and Arlene - what can I say? I've never met people who were as hardworking and dedicated to the real estate profession ... I purchased everything they have here. I will make a mint with the information they have given me. This was a very special and unique seminar ... it was absolutely awesome."

To watch the rest of this testimonial, go to the video by CLICKING HERE

Now, you can learn all the secrets. You'll be shocked by all the information I reveal for FREE ...

  • Exactly how the money is made by holding paper
  • What houses to buy and in what neighborhoods
  • MOST IMPORTANT: How YOU can easily make over $1,000,000 a year ... No Gimmicks!
    You don't even have to buy anything!

Let me remind you ...

Now Is the BEST Time To Make
Huge Money In Real Estate

If you don't believe it, pay attention to what my mentor - billionaire John Paul Getty - has to say about making big money ...

"If you want to make money, really big money, DO WHAT NOBODY ELSE IS DOING! Buy when everybody else is selling and hold until everybody else is buying!!"

I have been living by those words for all of my business life - almost 40 years!

Don't believe the media or "gurus" who never bought an investment property in their lives. I used to hold paper on more than 100 houses. You see ...

You Don't Want To OWN Real Estate -
You Want to CONTROL It
And Make Infinite Income From It!


I wanted to thank you for the new book [Guerrilla Tactics for Selling ANY Home]. Once again, it is FULL of new, innovative ideas that will again fill my pockets with money ... What impresses me the most is that you did it! You were an agent just like me. Other trainers have never been in the trenches like us. You are a real world guy, you are one of us.

I have been to (I PAID to see) all the big trainers ... I got more out of the first book I ordered from you than from those other seminars COMBINED. Those guys are fluff, fluff, fluff. You are steak and potatoes. You don't waste time, you get to points right away that MAKE MONEY ... I know the system works because I use it EVERY SINGLE DAY! Thanks George!

Vincent Arcuri
Tampa Bay's #1 Agent Since 1995
ERA Gulfcoast Realty
16921 Gunn Hwy.
Odessa, FL 33556

Now let me prove to you that ...

Rentals Are a DUMB Idea!
Sorry, if you own rentals, but it's true.

In this FREE report,"Stop the Real Estate Insanity," you will see mathematically why you always lose money with rentals. I also review scams you'll find in real estate. You'll see a copy of the check from our first investment property that we purchased in 1989. After that the goal was very simple ... BUY MORE! It's very easy when you know what you're doing and have the right information.

OK, but BEFORE you read the "Insanity" report, I want you to think about this:

The Landlord ...

  • Puts 20% down to buy the property
  • Pays property taxes
  • Pays hazard insurance
  • Pays for all repairs or does them himself
  • Must replace all appliances when they break down
  • Is subject to possible lawsuits
  • Must get the tenant's permission to enter the property (his OWN property)
  • Take calls from tenants for repairs - day or night

The Tenant...

  • Pays no property taxes
  • Pays no hazard insurance
  • Does no repairs
  • Tenant-Lanlord laws protect the tenant
  • Puts down a small deposit and controls the whole house!

Now you're ready to read the "Insanity" report where I'll prove to you that "rentals really are a DUMB idea!"

Get your copy by filling in the information below. And when you give us your physical mailing address, you'll receive special offers in the mail.

In a few seconds you'll receive the report. Study it. I am here to help you and make you rich from real estate. But ... I can help you only if you WANT to be helped. And I can only help you become rich if you WANT to be rich and have the BURNING DESIRE to be rich!

"Stop The Real Estate Insanity!"
Discover the REAL secrets about what works and what doesn't in today's real estate market!
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Discover the Amazing Formula
That Sells Houses Like Crazy!

If you have been waiting for the right opportunity you don't have to wait any longer. The best part is ...

You Have NO RISK!

Understand something ...

  • You CAN start tomorrow!
  • You have ZERO risk!
  • You don't need ANY money!
  • You don't have to BUY anything!

There's just one thing you have to do ...

Go to see homeowners, say who you are and what you do (Joe Schmoe, investor), let them know you buy houses, and ask them if they are interested in selling.

You also need all the financial information about the property in order to structure the deal! That information is also secret. You cannot get it from the Internet.

You can't get the information from the Internet like the Realtors have in their MLS. Here's the proof ...

My wife, Mrs. Real Estate, said all the information that investors need is on the Internet. I said, "Baloney!" So, we did some research.

We went to and did a search in Port St. Lucie, Florida, for 3/2/2 houses - that's the ONLY type of house you buy. (I explain this in the free report you hopefully signed up for.) The result ... 3,500 homes with addresses and a description of the features of the house.

What do you DO with that information? NOTHING! It's useless.

When you click on the property address, what do you think you get? The Realtor's contact information ... NOT the seller's phone, email, or the property's financial information. Again, no help!

One of the most important concepts you have to understand is ...

Not every seller will say "Yes!"
When someone says "No," YOU say "NEXT!"

When a seller says "No," don't take it personally. It usually has nothing to do with YOU ... he or she may just have other reasons for not dealing with you. It's useless to try to find out the reasons. The NEXT seller is the answer.

How do you find out if a seller is motivated and ready to deal?

Keep It Simple ...

I hear this all the time from my students ... "But, Georrrge, how do I find houses?" You drive neighborhoods where you want to invest. You see a "For Sale" sign - either a Realtor's sign or For Sale By Owner. You stop the car, get out, walk up to the front door. Knock on the door or ring the bell. And then start using my exact script that follows ...

Ask Sellers the RIGHT Questions!

Question #1: "Why are you selling?"
Question #2: "Where are you going?"
Question #3: "When do you have to be there?
Question #4: "What will you do if your house doesn't sell?

If you don't get the RIGHT answers to those questions,
you'll know you are wasting your time!

Now I promised you I wouldn't withhold anything. so, here are my scripts - worth the price of gold. I have used them for many years and never changed them. They're the best scripts in the business. Why? Because these scripts work!

Script for Houses with "For Sale" Signs

YOU: "Hi. My name is Johnny Jones. I am an investor and I buy houses. I see your house is for sale. Are you the owner?"

SELLER: "Yes, I am."

YOU: "Why are you selling?" (You need a GOOD answer!)

SELLER: A good answer would be ... "I have a job transfer."

YOU: "Where are you going?" (Again, you need a GOOD answer!)

SELLER: A good answer would be ... "My new job is 1,500 miles north in ______ (city)."

YOU: "I see. When do you have to be there?" (Once more, you need a GOOD answer.)

SELLER: A good answer would be ... "Three weeks from today."

YOU: "What will you do if you don't sell your house by then?"

The SELLER's answer to this question is absolutely crucial. This is the point where you could come into the picture and buy the house.

Now here are some talking points ...

YOU: "If you sell the house to me, you'll pay NO commission. That could save you between $8,000 and $12,000 [depending on the selling price of the house]. And we could drop all closing costs. That would be additional savings for you, somewhere between $5,000 and $8,000." [This, too, depends on what's customary in your area. You MUST do your homework BEFORE give a dollar amount.]

See how simple it is?

How do you find the sellers? Pull out a list of houses for sale either from the Internet or the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and start knocking on doors! If you like the house and the neighborhood, but you get no answer, come back. If somebody opens the door, start the conversation using my script above. If you are shy and feel you can't do it, find a partner who likes to talk and is comfortable with strangers.

How do you find "For Sale By Owner (FSBO) houses? You can scour the Internet or you can subscribe to our FSBO leads. We hired a company to download FSBOs from the best sites on the Internet. We just make it easier. You can check it out at ... FSBO Leads .

The conversation with a FSBO goes the exact same way as with a "listed" house. You must know the seller's motivation! If you don't know their motivation, you really can't do much.

Again, I repeat ... the most important of the 4 "W" questions is ...

WHY are you selling?

Some sellers will try to hide their motivation from you. Why? Some may be in financial difficulties and they are too embarrassed to reveal this to you. Or, they may be trying to get more money.

After you do a few deals, you'll learn most of the tricks. This whole thing is very simple! It's definitely not rocket science.

One word of caution. Be careful HOW you say things. Understand that for YOU, the property is a "house." For the seller, it is a "home." So, if you refer to the seller's home as a "house," it could create a problem.

Your job is to master the FOUR W's. This will never change. If you are an investor or a Realtor, your work begins with the FOUR W's ...

Why ... Where ... When ... What
You Cannot Change It!

Your biggest risk is not asking the right questions. This is applicable not only to sellers, but to buyers as well. And what's crucial is ... YOU must know all possible answers! That's the "secret."

By now you should realize I know a lot about real estate. I'm not some "dumb bunny" who is just trying to sell you books and DVDs. I am an expert on the subject of real estate! I venture to say I know the answer to 99.99% of real estate oriented questions. Don't forget, I have years of experience in the trenches. And I'm still actively involved with real estate.

Let's go to an example so you can see how it works ...

The picture above represents a house you bought from a desperate seller for $149,950. The seller had his house on the market for over a year. The seller has a new job offer that's 2,000 miles away. He MUST sell! These are the situations you are looking ... a highly motivated seller and a house with the right numbers.

And here's a picture of what happens to that house when it is used as a vehicle to make money!

Now you are going to see a real life example of how a house can be used to create infinite income. Let's start with a testimonial letter from clients (when I was a Realtor) who had been unable to sell their home. Then you'll see the mechanics how the deal was done.

Here's how I met the Scanlons. When I was a Realtor, I would call all the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) ads in the paper. The Scanlons were trying to sell their home "by owner."

They really didn't want to talk to me at all. The reason was that they could not list their property with a Realtor because there wasn't enough money in the deal to pay the commission.

I said, "Let me stop by and perhaps I could figure out a way to help you. Let's not worry about the commission right now." They agreed. My real intent was to buy the home, but while meeting with the Scanlons, I learned that one of their problems was that they bought into a heavily advertised liquid paint (for the exterior of their home) that was guaranteed to last for 30 years. So they didn't have to pay for it up front, the paint manufacturer created a second mortgage against the property. I figured the best thing to do was list it and help them sell it using my "Million $$$ Secrets" system.

Keep in mind that each home is different and will most likely need a different solution. First read the testimonial and then we'll analyze it ...

This is a picture of a house similar to the Scanlons' house - in the same neighborhood.

Here's the financial picture on the Scanlons' property ...

  • The home would have appraised at $120,000 if sold on a new loan. The Scanlons had an FHA loan - they had put 5% down - and their interest rate was 9%. Their monthly payment P & I (principal + interest) was $840.83. They had already made 4 years of mortgage payments.
  • The second mortgage (2nd trust deed) from the liquid paint company was in the amount of $5,600 amortized over 6 years at 10% interest with a monthly payment of $103.78.
  • Taxes and insurance are the last part of the puzzle. Don't mix them at this stage - just keep in mind you have to know these numbers before you finalize the deal. You'll need to figure 1/12th of property taxes and 1/12th of homeowners insurance and add then on to the monthly payment.

The tasks that had to be accomplished ...

  • Offer attractive terms to a buyer.
  • Have the buyer pay off the second mortgage.
  • Create income for the Scanlons from the property.
  • Get a large enough down payment so the Scanlons could buy another home and pay the real estate commission.
  • Do everything 100% legally so there are no possible law suits in the future and everybody's "stake" in the house is fully protected. Who had a stake in the property?

    • The Scanlons
    • The lender
    • The liquid paint company
    • The state - property taxes
    • The homeowners insurance company
    • The buyer
    • The Realtor (Mr. Real Estate was the Realtor who created the deal.)
    • The broker of the real estate office
    • The title company (title insurance)

    The task was to do everything 100% legally
    and protect everybody's interest!

My meeting with the Scanlons went like this ...

  • If the Scanlons listed their home, paid off their 1st mortgage, paid off the 2nd mortgage (the liquid paint), paid commission and closing costs, they would hardly net $2,500 from the sale of their home. That certainly wasn't enough for a down payment on another home.
  • The Scanlons were trying to sell their home "by owner" for nearly one year. That's when I appeared on their doorstep. Remember, I went to see all houses with one thought in mind ... "Maybe I can buy the house, resell it, and hold the paper."
  • The first thing they told me was that they could not list because they can't net enough money to buy another home.
  • I reviewed the sales and activities in the neighborhood. I gathered all the information about their loans and payments. I then played with my financial calculator, writing down and crossing out number on my pad.

The Scanlons Thought I Lost ALL
Of My Marbles When I Said ...

  • "I can sell your home in 1 - 3 weeks at the most."
  • "I can create substantial monthly income for you from the sale of your home."
  • "I can get you at least $40,000 MORE than any other agent can - or you could make by yourselves."
  • "Since your house is mostly unfurnished, I'll help you get some furniture so the house is more attractive to buyers."

Even though they thought I was crazy, they listed with me that afternoon.

Here's the deal I created and the ad in the paper that appeared in the newspaper after I listed the Scanlon's home ...

$12,950 Down
Immediate occupancy, 3 BR,
2 BA in nice neighborhood.
Selling price $139,950, monthly
payment $1203, interest 10.5%.
Open House Sunday 3/14 - House
must be sold by 5 PM on 3/14.

And the house WAS SOLD before 5 PM!

Let's analyze the deal ...

The Scanlons' total monthly payment was $1,032.06 ...
$840.83 - 1st Mortgage Principal + Interest (P & I)
$29.16 - 1/12 of insurance
$58.33 - 1/12 of property taxes
$103.74 - 2nd mortgage for liquid paint

Whether the house is worth $150,000, $250,000, or $500,000 or more,
the process and the system is still the same!

The buyer purchased the home for $134,950 with $12,950 down with no qualifying and no credit check. The numbers for the buyer are ...
$122,000 - Buyer's new mortgage balance amortized over 30 years at 10.5% interest
$1,115.98 - Buyer's Principal + Interest (P & I)
$29.16 - 1/12 of insurance
$58.33 - 1/12 of property taxes
$1,203.47 - Buyer's TOTAL monthly payment

This gave the Scanlons a modest monthly cash flow of $171.41!
I turned the Scanlons into BANKERS!

Remember, the Scanlons wanted to sell their house, get some cash for a down payment on a new home, pay commission and closing costs, and get rid of the second loan against the property.

This deal did MORE ...

  • It gave them extra monthly cash.
  • It gave them a modest financial explosion six years later!

For six years, the Scanlons were the bank - they were holding the mortgage (PAPER) for their buyer. And, yes, it's perfectly legal to create a new note and become the bank.

Further, by using a Contract of Sale every party in the transaction is fully protected!

Now, let's look at what happened six years later ...

  • The Scanlons' original mortgage (started at $104,500 at 9% interest) was paid down 10 years later to $89,854.
  • The note they created and the mortgage they held for the buyer started at $122,000 at 10.5% interest. Six years later, the buyer's note was paid down to $117,166. NOTE: The Scanlons were paid $75,517 in interest alone. (All numbers are rounded off.)
  • Six years later - at the final close of escrow - the Scanlons received a check for $27,312.

How? Or why did the Scanlons receive this "explosion?" This is very important, so please read it carefully.

The mortgage the Scanlons held for the buyer was paid down to $117,166. The Scanlons' original loan (which stayed in place) was paid down to $89,854. The difference between both mortgages was $27,312.

Now let's see how big a windfall the Scanlons had from this one property ...

  • $12,950 - Buyer's down payment
  • $12,342 - Total monthly cash flow ($171.41 for 72 months)
  • $27,312 - Difference between their original mortgage and the buyers mortgage
  • $52,604 - Total Income
  • Less $ 9,447 - Mr. Real Estate's 7% commission (I hold a world record for listing all homes at 7% or MORE commission. Why? Because I made more money for the sellers than any other agents could!)
  • $43,159 - TOTAL NET INCOME - That's what the Scanlons got!

The Scanlons didn't pay any closing costs at the final closing when the buyers refinanced in the 6th year. In the contract it was agreed that closing costs would be the buyer's expense. And they paid very little in the way of closing costs at the beginning of the deal because there were very few costs, which were split between buyer and seller.

They let Mr. Real Estate do his "magic"
and they had a windfall of $43,159!

Why did I go through the Scanlon deal in detail? Well, you read their testimonial letter. It says a lot of nice things, but it doesn't explain anything.

I said I am the leading authority on creative financing, but you needed to see proof. So, now you know ...

  • How the numbers work.
  • How the deals get put together.
  • And why they call me "Mr. Real Estate!"
  • It also requires expertise, knowledge, and experience.

  • "Well, I'm reporting in to let you know I closed on the home I had under contract. Here's the short of it: I put the house under contract on April 24th, for $150,000 with $7,000 down payment. Sellers to carry the balance of $143,000 with monthly payments of $1270.44 per month, with a balloon in 5 years. I sold the house on May 15th for $160,000 with $12,500 down payment. I am carrying the balance of $147,000 with monthly payments of $1299 and the new buyers pay the homeowners fee of $300 a year. ... I made $4,870.00 profit on this at closing. I will still make another $4,500.00 at final closing (when the buyers refinance). Not bad for not using any of my own money. I still had to spend $200 for advertising, but with your help, I did it! I learned a lesson on this deal about how to buy and how to sell.

    Just wanted to let you know and say thank you again and again, because, without your knowledge, I would never have been able to do this deal. Thanks, and God bless you."

    Deb K, Charlotte, NC

    Cathy C, Henderson, NV

    Now, Let's Apply the Same Deal To You, the Investor

    You can basically do the exact same deal that I arranged for the Scanlons for your real estate investments and then we'll analyze it.

    • Buyer's down payment in the Scanlon's case paid the real estate commission and gave the Scanlon's a little bit left over. As an investor, the buyer's down payment can be used to pay the seller and YOU!
    • Monthly cash flow - you can increase the buyer's monthly payment so you make cash flow each and every month.
    • At the end of the mortgage period, there will be a difference between the original mortgage and the buyers new mortgage - you can have the same "explosion."

    I did many deals just like that for both my clients and my own investments. You can, too. Especially in today's market when many sellers are desperate.

    The most important thing you have to understand is ...

    When you offer TERMS
    you can sell a house for more money!

    You want to get a minimum of $6,000 down - preferably $10,000. That's going to be your call, depending on your market. The point is, you want the buyer to have an investment in the property. This makes it much more difficult for a buyer to default and walk away when they have at least $10,000 at stake.

    Even though this is a "no qualifying" loan, you still have to qualify the buyer by asking lots of the RIGHT questions. You don't want to let just any loser into your investment property.

    Now, most students ask questions about money. First of all, you are looking for sellers with little or no equity. Let's use a hypothetical example where the seller has $1,800 in equity. The seller could insist on getting money for moving. In that case, you bring out your big "weapon" against the seller ... tell him you are not charging him for any closing costs, forms, or contracts title insurance, recording fees, etc. These could easily add up to more than $1,800. That's usually enough to shut up most sellers.

    If that doesn't work, you are getting money from the buyer for the downpayment. Pay the seller the $1,800 from the buyer's down payment. And charge the seller for all the paperwork you have to do. That could cost close to the $1,800.

    Now, here's a BIG SECRET I'm going to share with you ...

    I prefered to work almost all deals with houses that had VA loans. The reason is very simple. The military would get into their homes with $1 down - even today those loans are available to the Veterans. That means, in a stagnant market, their equity is close to ZERO.

    One way or another, get rid of the seller. The balance of the down payment is YOUR money! This is why you never need YOUR OWN MONEY in a deal. In fact, this is one of my rules ... never put your own money into a deal - or you lose! I never put one penny of my own money into any deal. If you do what I say, you could become very wealthy.

    Here's how you make money. The longer the contract, the more money you make! I always did 5-7 year contract and was thrilled if the buyers stayed in the house for the full term. Why?

    Remember the "explosion" in the Scanlons' deal? That's where this comes into play. The original mortgage is being paid down faster than the buyer's new mortgage. That means, the longer the buyer stays in the property, the bigger difference there will be between the two mortgages and the bigger "explosion" you will have. (This is nicely explained on the DVD using the mortgage triangle.)

    How Much Money Can You Make?

    As a serious investor, you want to hold paper on as many properties as you can put your hands on. Let's say you are holding paper on 100 properties. This will give you approximately $25,000 income per month. Not bad for not having any of your own money it. This is what I call "infinite income!"

    And you have NO work! This isn't a rental property. You SOLD the house to a buyer. The buyer owns it and is responsible for any repairs - even if something big breaks down.

    How long will it take to sell the house? In the Scanlons' case, based on my experience in that market, I knew it would be a matter of a couple of weeks to sell their house ... especially when they said they would follow my instructions for "staging" the house - making it look more attractive to a buyer.

    The same is true in today's market - as long as you are not working the wrong market. Now, if you bought an unsalable house, that's a different story. But if you follow what I teach, you should not make that mistake. There are certain rules you must follow and you cannot break them! Be sure you get my FREE report, "15 Deadly Mistakes Investors Make When Buying/Selling Real Estate!" Just fill in your name and email address below and we'll send you a confirmation message. Once you confirm that you want the report, we'll rush it to your email box in a matter of seconds!

    "15 Deadly Mistakes Investors Make
    When Buying/Selling Real Estate"


    Don't forget to confirm that you want to receive the "15 Deadly Mistakes" report for real estate investors so we can send you the report.  We respect your privacy and will never share your name or email.

    Here's the second most often asked question I get from students ...

    "George, what happens if something goes wrong?"

    George says ... "Believe it or not, you'll make More Money!"

    That's wonderful! Hopefully the property appreciated in a few years so you can sell it for more money, create a higher payment, get a higher down payment, perhaps get a higher interest rate, and make More Money!

    Here's a true story from start to finish ...

    George found this home in an upscale neighborhood, a very desirable location. This is exactly opposite of what other real estate "experts" tell you about buying and selling homes. They usually recommend fixer-uppers and blue collar neighborhoods. George believes the money is to be made with nice, clean houses in upscale neighborhoods.

    He purchased this 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with 2 car garage, in-ground pool and built-in BBQ for $127,000 with $4,000 down on a Contract of Sale in March with a closing date of September.

    The Seller took a promissory note in the amount $4,000 - no money exchanged hands.

    The monthly payment at 8% interest was $1,054. Using the same method you'll get in "Million Dollar Secrets", George Paukert, "Mr. Real Estate", ran ads in the newspaper and sold the house at $139,950. with $9,950 down, creating a new note of $130,000 at 8.75% interest and a new monthly payment of $1,190.

    When George's corporation purchased the property, below is an estimate of how the numbers would work:

    1. George gave the Seller $4,000 from the new buyer's down payment and kept $5,950 profit!
    2. George created monthly cash flow of $136.33 for the length of the contract - 4.5 years - for a total monthly income of $7,634.00.
    3. When the home is refinanced, George will receive $7,000+ from the note. This is the difference between the new note of $130,000 and the underlying mortgage of $123,000. Mr. Real Estate will actually receive more than $7,000 because the original older mortgage is being paid off faster than the new note of $130,000.
    4. The real beauty of the deal is Mr. Real Estate actually makes 3/4% interest on the underlying loan which is 8% and the new note is at 8 3/4%.

      We want you to study the numbers above because they are the "Million Dollar Secrets".

    In fact, you can start tomorrow and do the same thing. Of course, each home is different, and therefore, each deal will be different.

    Backyard with Pool House

    The property we are using as an example was refinanced by the buyer and the real numbers are below. We want you to be assured that this is an example of an actual deal. The house exists. The buyers and sellers are real and we are for real as well.

    Below you can see the actual results and exactly how the money was made ... the real, actual numbers - nothing withheld:

    1. The property was sold to George's corporation by the original seller on March 25th for $127,500. The seller was in the military and was being transferred. He wanted $4,000 when it sold. But he didn't have to leave until September, so he gave George until Sept. 30th to find a buyer. The original mortgage on the property was approximately $123,000 with 8% interest, monthly payment was $1,053.87 including taxes and insurance. In August the property was sold for $139,950 with $9,995 down payment, interest rate at 8.75%, and monthly payment at $1,190.00.

      Just a reminder: It's NOT illegal to buy property at a lower price and sell it at a higher price! This is done in every industry, every day of the week. It's the American Way - "Buy low, sell high."

    2. For two years George made an income of $136.33 every month. You might say, "No big deal," but owning the property versus a rental it is a big deal. He had no expenses - no vacancies, no repairs, no phone calls that the roof was leaking.
    3. But life isn't always rosy. About two years after buying the house, the buyers started to be late on payments. George has stiff late penalties, so he usually doesn't care if payments are late. On the 6th of the month the penalty is $60 and on the 15th of the month, it is an extra $100.
    4. Another provision George has in the contract is that if the buyer doesn't pay in full, including late fees, within 30 days, the buyer's status changes to tenant and is subject to eviction in 5 days. Remember, each state is different regarding tenant laws. In some states you'll never get anyone evicted! But in Nevada, it is 5 days pay or quit.

      Anyway, the buyers became gamblers and lost their jobs, so he had to scare them about being foreclosed. George hated to do it, but when gambling takes over people's lives, it is too late. The buyers were sent a Notice of Default, but were allowed to stay in the house - as long as they kept it clean - until a new buyer could be found.

    5. And a new buyer was found. This house is located in an excellent neighborhood - properties like that always sell well. Even though there were some minor repairs like cleaning the pool and shampooing carpet, George still gave the former buyers - now tenants - $1,500.00 so they had some money to move. He could have given them nothing - according to the contract, but they had small children and he didn't want to see them on the street. Hopefully they didn't blow it away in the casino. George says, "I'm always a nice guy."
    6. The new buyer had a choice: To buy the house on a new contract (financially more beneficial to George and his corporation) or just assume the old contract which was already paid down for two years. The buyer decided to assume the old contract. Just one simple piece of paper gave them equitable title to the property. Of course, first they had to pay George's corporation $9,995 as a down payment.

      This buyer was OK. Regardless there was some severe illness in the family, they managed to keep the contract and, when the contract came due, they were able to refinance the property.

    Here is the total math:
    Down payment from Buyer #1 $9,995.00
    Down payment from Buyer #2 $9,995.00
    Cash flow of $136.13 for 56 months $7,634.48
    Final payoff of the difference between the seller's original mortgage and our mortgage $7,183.22
    TOTAL GROSS INCOME $34,807.70
    Down payment paid to original Seller $4,000.00
    Money paid to 1st Buyer $1,500.00
    Repairs - cleaning pool, mowing lawn $ 200.00
    Carpet cleaning $ 100.00
    Advertising (estimated) $ 300.00
    Miscellaneous $ 100.00
    Total Expenses (estimated) $6,200.00
    Net Profit over less than 5 years $28,607.70

    Below is a copy of the payoff check from the escrow company when the property above was refinanced.

    final payoff check


    DISCLAIMER: Your level of success depends on the time you devote to the program, your finances, knowledge, and various skills. Additional factors for success are your will power, and perseverance. Since these factors differ according to individuals as well as location and state/county/local regulations, Road to Wealth, Inc. cannot guarantee your success or income level. Nor is Road to Wealth, Inc., George Paukert, or Arlene Paukert responsible for any of your actions.

    The Basic Steps Of the
    "Million $$$ Secrets" Real Estate System ...

    1. First you find a motivated seller who is willing to deal. Remember - ask the 4 important questions and you'll know immediately if the seller is motivated or not.
    2. Work out the deal with the seller. Make sure you put NONE of your own money into the deal.
    3. Find a buyer for the house. When you offer TERMS in today's market, you should be able to sell the house within days. I'm speaking from my personal experience, but you have to learn YOUR market.
    4. Work out the deal with the buyer. Have the buyer pay as many costs as you can. And don't forget to get at least a $6,000 down payment - preferably $10,000. (This really depends on your market and how much the market will bear.) The more money the buyer has in the house, the more likely he will perform.
    5. Collect the checks from the buyer every month for the length of the contract. Then you pay the underlying mortgage and keep the rest as your monthly cash flow. Or, you can hire a collection company collect the payment, pay the underlying mortgage and then send you a check for the balance.
    6. Cash in on the "explosion" when the buyer refinances or sells the property.

    Pretty Simple!

    "Thank you, George, for all the outstanding information you have put together. I utilize some part of your various programs almost every day. I treasure your programs and wouldn't part with them for anything. You have helped me become a leader in my market."

    Phil Thomas
    Clearlake, CA

    Dustin Clark
    Dustin Clark
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    Tacoma/Puyallup, WA

    "... I came to this seminar ... I felt it was necessary. I believe in George's stuff - I've read it. For me, I was coming for George, for the creative financing ... I got the knowledge I needed to help my clients, my customers ..."

    To watch the rest of this testimonial, go to the video by CLICKING HERE

    Golden Dawn Ricketts
    Golden Dawn Rickets
    RE/MAX Action First Realty
    Tampa Bay, FL

    "... I cannot believe the value we got out of this seminar. I already know I am going to make so much more money this year ... I can't recommend it enough ... George taught us so much about creative financing I know it is going to be a valuable tool not only for myself to invest, but to make my clients a ton of money ..."

    To watch the rest of this testimonial, go to the video by CLICKING HERE

    Mr. Real Estate Monthly

    Mr. Real Estate Monthly

    mr. real estate - George Paukert I previously wrote 24 "Mr. Real Estate Monthly" newsletters for real estate investors and I charged big bucks for the subscription - $200 for the first year and $150 for the second year.

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    Gary Knodle, Texas

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    Mr. Real Estate

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    First of all, I have many Realtors who are students of my "Million $$$ Secrets" real estate system and who are investing as well as listing and selling real estate.

    Another reason is that, eventually, you are going to need a Realtor's help. You either work with them as a partner, friend, or whatever relationship you establish.

    This is important - VERY important. A good Realtor ... I repeat a GOOD Realtor ... is worth their weight in gold!

    It's not easy to find a good Realtor who understand investing and creative financing. I have been there and done that. My first Realtor lost 5 deals in a row for me. And that's why I got my real estate license.

    Here's why the Realtor is important. The Realtor can find the deals and open the doors for you! A GOOD Realtor - not just ANY Realtor.

    I know what the "gurus" say ... to avoid working with Realtors. It's up to you to decide if you believe I know and understand the business or you are going to listen to those other "gurus."

    Understand, that when you decide to make real estate investing your livelihood - from that moment on you'll look at things differently. If it's a "game" or a "hobby" right now, it doesn't matter what you do. At one point my wife and I decided to commit to real estate investing and then everything changed.

    If you get your real estate license, you'll realize your license will always be good for something. If you cannot buy the house, you can always list it. If you find a buyer who cannot buy your house, you can always sell him something else. That was my philosophy.

    I diligently faxed 3-5 offers every day on homes listed in the MLS. This is the advantage of having a license - or developing a relationship with a Realtor who can do this for you.

    On the other hand, if you are not going to do anything about your real estate investing business, don't get your license. You'll end up paying fees and having nothing to show for it.

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    What's On The "Million $$$ Secrets" DVD?

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    You will meet George Paukert, "Mr. Real Estate", and Robert Allen, a very successful investor who has bought and sold over 150 properties in the Las Vegas area and still owns a substantial amount of real estate. George and Robert began buying real estate together. At the seminar, they discuss deals they did together.

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    "Creative Financing For the 21st Century"
    8 CDs and Transcripts"

    What's On the "Creative Financing For the 21st Century"
    CDs and Transcripts?

    Below you'll find a brief outline of what you can expect to learn in each class ... not necessarily in the exact order as given to you now. Why? There may be a need for enhancing some classes because students cannot absorb the wealth of information we'll be sharing with you.

    Lesson 1: What is Creative Financing?

    The goal is to protect the seller, the buyer and yourself against anything that can possibly go wrong. It's rare that something happens, but you need to use those protections so everyone involved in the transaction feels comfortable.

    If you know all the answers to all the questions, you'll be the hero! After all, it is a Realtor's duty - and part of the code - to help sellers in trouble. Foreclosures or short sales should be the absolute LAST choice.

    In this lesson, we'll go over the real "nuts and bolts" of creative financing - until everybody understands.

    • Basics of creative financing.
    • How to implement creative financing - for Realtors, For Sale By Owners, Flippers, and Real Estate Investors.
    • Various methods of creative financing.

    Lesson 2: Step by Step - How to Make the Numbers Work

    Making the numbers work means creating a "win-win" situation for all parties involved. When YOU learn the solutions, you'll be the most sought after agent around.

    The sellers have several options before they lose their home. Learn these options and use them! Losing a home or getting a charge off or Deed in Lieu on their credit report is NO option.

    There is a creative solution for every scenario, no matter how desperate it looks. If the seller is going to lose money with you, he or she doesn't need you!

    So, this teleseminar is NOT going to teach you about foreclosures or short sales as you have come to know them. You really don't want the seller to lose everything. Anybody can do that ... except OUR students!

    The art of creative financing is to help the homeowner regardless of how bad a situation he/she is in. That's the key! Your goal is to help find a win-win situation ... regardless of the circumstances.

    • Exactly what to do to determine the numbers.
    • When the numbers won't work.
    • Acceptable and legal methods of creative financing.
    • Disclosures every Investor and Realtor must know AND use.

    Lesson 3: Short Sales & Foreclosures

    How Internet "scammers" are ruining your business. An analysis of all the B.S. out there ... crucial for Investors and Realtors.

    • How to determine if you can help the seller.
    • How to handle these situations.
    • Necessary paperwork.
    • Contract of Sale.
    • Land Trusts.
    • How a corporation fits into a Land Trust.

    Lesson 4: More Creative Financing Methods

    Even if each state has different laws, rules, and regulations, there is a way to do creative financing in EVERY state ... if you know how.

    The key: You can use creative financing in every state ... except the method may differ in each state. There is no "cookie cutter" method as the so-called gurus try to make you believe.

    • Rent to Own - how to structure it.
    • Lease Options and Wraparound Lease Options - how to structure it.
    • Contract for Deed.
    • Why there must always be TWO contracts.
    • Wraparound Contract of Sale - how to structure it.
    • How a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure or Charge Off can destroy the seller's credit.
    • What's legal and what's not?

    Lesson 5: How to Help Sellers NOT Come "Out of Pocket"

    Whether you are an Investor or a Realtor, if the seller or flipper is going to lose money, they don't need you! On the other hand, if you can help them make money, you can name your price or your commission! That's how it works.

    When you learn creative financing and USE it, sellers be glad to pay you anything you want,

    • How to help For Sale By Owners.
    • How to help Flippers.
    • How Realtors can help Investors.
    • How Realtors can help themselves!

    Lesson 6: How ANYBODY Can Become a Real Estate Millionaire in ONE Year!

    Creative financing is something anybody, anywhere can do. If you excel in the previous five lessons, you'll know how to structure the deal and make money ...

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    There are many, many ways to buy a home. This manual is a MUST for investors and first time home buyers who cannot qualify ... who don't have a 780 FICO Score or who don't have the large down payment required by the lenders in today's market. There are more than 40 different ways to buy a home ...

    What's In the"Creative Strategies" Book?

      Why real estate is still the safest investment!
      Why the price you pay now determines your profit later.
      Why buyers/investors should use the services of a Realtor!
      How to determine the real value of a home in a down market.
      How to help your buyer if his credit sucks!
      How to raise your credit score to almost 700 - practically overnight.
      How to find money for the down payment if you have none.
      How Investors and Realtors can benefit from knowing where to find cash or credit and put the deal together!
      Why owner financing will be the best way to buy homes in the very near future.
      How the credit crunch will impact mainstream real estate!
      How Investors and Realtors can profit from tough real estate markets.
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